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Digital Transformation

"Digital Workplace" and "Digital Transformation" have become somewhat hot topics in recent years. "Digital Transformation" can be defined as the application of computer technology to solve business problems, creating a "Digital Workplace".  Because some of the key problems that such systems seek to overcome can be unique to each business (and should be unique if there is a point of difference in the business), solutions are often a compromise and many organisations are struggling to realise the full potential of what digital technology can deliver.  The reality all too often is that business owners are poorly equipped to attend to this important part of their business, not knowing where to start.  We can help.

Using computer technology only to enhance and support traditional methods of doing things belongs in the 20th century, not the 21st. Too many systems today still mimic the manual processes of the past. Some organisations mistakenly think that adopting "cloud computing" will provide the flexibility they need (the promotional materials may suggest this, but the flexibility they offer is in a very narrow scope).  The reality is that it just changes the way things work, rather than the way things are done! Cloud computing has often been presented as digital transformation, but it will not even start to solve the digital transformation puzzle on its own.

The obvious objective of digital transformation is to do more with less. This is usually achieved through improving productivity and quality, while reducing cost and improving revenue. One way this process can be initiated is through conducting a Discovery Workshop to create an easily understood model of the organisation’s processes, as they are currently. This exercise might immediately provide a benefit by identifying opportunities for improvement, but once the documentation has been produced, what then? All too often, having spent a significant amount of time, effort and expense to produce them, process manuals sit collecting dust on some shelf in the office!

To obtain real benefits, the process model needs to be implemented and enforced through a digital system that orchestrates and monitors all processes. Many organisations have the ISO 9001 certification for quality management systems, but do not really gain as much advantage from the effort involved as they could – and should. To get the most out of the investment made, the process modelling exercise needs to be viewed as part of a journey, rather than a destination in itself.


The Challenge of Change

The world is changing. Business conditions are continually changing, and so should business processes. All this change has a cost, but there is also a hidden cost to not being agile enough to respond immediately to changes in the business environment. To achieve genuine digital transformation requires digital computer technology that enables flexible automation, integration and collaboration so that greater innovation and creativity is enabled with greater ease than previously possible.

Enact goes further than purely digital transformation and enables a genuine Business Transformation through a combination of abilities.  Enact's Business Transformation is NOT about digital technology alone.  Yes, we can offer a unique system that enables opportunities for business improvement that have not previously been possible, but we couple this with expert services to facilitate the early stages and enable the enterprise to continue making incremental improvements unaided.

We begin by holding "discovery workshops", which are meetings with key people where we LISTEN to you, document (model) your processes, identify your "pain points", work out how things can be improved, then set about making those improvements work.  With care, a selection of processes may be automated.  Once this work has successfully been completed, the next selection of processes may be similarly transformed.  The automation we offer can even help with processes that are manual or mechanical, rather than computer-related.  That is why we prefer to refer to this process as "Business Transformation", rather than "Digital Transformation".

We can provide systems architecture, systems analysis, database design and custom development.  If you don't really understand all the techie terms, but need some help, please make contact with us for a no-obligation meeting to discuss your needs and ideas.


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